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It's not hard to find used engines. What's difficult is finding high-quality, reliable, perfectly-reconditioned engines.

And supplying top-notch recon engines at low prices is our specialty at 247 Spares.

We have the largest stock of low-mileage reconditioned engines in Europe, allowing you to choose from hundreds of car engines and van engines fully covered by warranty and ready for immediate delivery nationwide. These aren't junkers that will seize up days after you get them; they are carefully reconditioned and will perform beautifully at a bargain price. We also carry an enormous stock of low-mileage second hand engines in great condition.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes* online or by phone, to help you find the perfect engine for your vehicle. And we'll have it delivered right to your door, immediately.

It's no secret why 247 Spares is one of the UK's largest suppliers of reconditioned, remanufactured and used engines: we offer the best and cheapest recon engines - guaranteed.

The Best Cheap Engines for Sale Anywhere

It's easy to yank a used engine out of a vehicle, give it a good scrub with a solution of warm water and baking soda, and call it "reconditioned." Lots of suppliers do just that, and we think that's a crime.

247 Spares sells used car engines that have truly been reconditioned or remanufactured. The engine you receive will have been carefully reconditioned, or stripped and rebuilt by experienced mechanics using precision equipment and the highest-grade of replacement parts. No detail is overlooked and no potential issue is ignored. We want the same thing you do: a remanufactured or recon engine which will purr like a kitten for the long term.

How can we offer premium reconditioned engines for the best prices anywhere in the UK? It's simple: volume. Our enormous online database, which you can search from your own computer or hand-held device, lists our stock of hundreds of high-quality, low-mileage van and car engines. It's the same state-of-the-art system that professional auto traders use to find engines and gearboxes throughout Europe, and it allows you to find the recon engine that meets your exact needs.

If you'd prefer the human touch, that's no problem. You can call the sales pros at 247 Spares directly to help you locate the perfect engine for your van or car. They're knowledgeable, caring and will hook you up in a jiffy. Your engine will be shipped and delivered immediately, and have full warranty coverage for your protection.

How much can you save by buying your reconditioned engine from 247 Spares? You'll save as much as 80% over the prices you'd have to pay at a local mechanic shop. And our reconditioned engines are ready right now; you won't have to wait for a local mechanic to source and find the right engine and then do all of the work. When you work with us, you save big and will have your engine within hours or days.

Recon Engines for All Needs

We stock hundreds of high-quality rebuilt engines, so you'll have no difficulty finding the one you need. But we specialise in European and Japanese car engines as well as light commercials, so you won't just find one or two reconditioned engines for your vehicle. You'll likely be able to choose from dozens of low-priced and fully-warranted remanufactured engines.

Mercedes or Honda, Vauxhall or Nissan, Volkswagen or Mitsubishi, Citroen or Kia - whatever make or model of car or van engines you're seeking, you'll find them in our 247 Spares database at incredibly low prices. We welcome dealer inquiries and business, too.

High-Quality Engine Parts

We're one of Europe's largest suppliers of outstanding recon engines and low-mileage second-hand engines, but we're also renowned for our enormous stock of high-quality engine parts. They have all been reconditioned when necessary, and are ready for immediate shipment.

For example, 247 Spares is the continent's leading specialist in cylinder heads. We carry the full range of new or precision-remanufactured heads, whether you're in the trade and are buying in quantity, or simply a home mechanic lovingly rebuilding your vehicle's engine. Looking for used cylinder heads for cars or light commercial vehicles? We have a huge stock of those as well, for both and petrol or diesel engines.

We also do a large amount of business supplying bottom blocks for those who have a cylinder head that's still serviceable. These engine blocks are in good condition and have been reconditioned when necessary; you simply have to bolt your existing cylinder head to the new bottom block. Purchasing an engine block from our large stock can save you from making a huge expenditure on a full engine

Need a reconditioned or used gearbox? We stock thousands of low-mileage manual and automatic gearboxes, as well as any other used engine or transmission parts you're looking for, with the biggest selection to be found anywhere in Europe.

Don't Be Fooled by Others

It's important to realize that there are no legal standards to define a "reconditioned engine," so there's no way to know exactly what you're buying when you deal with a seller. There are many individuals and disreputable companies advertising cheap engines for sale who will take an engine out of a wrecked vehicle, do a little perfunctory cleaning work, and then sell it as a recon engine. Some will use low-quality parts to replace only the ones that have obviously gone bad, and then sell the engine as remanufactured when it's really only been badly reconditioned. Still others have no problem changing the mileage on the used engines they sell.

That's not how 247 Spares does business. We clearly identify the remanufactured, reconditioned and second-hand engines that we have in our huge inventory, and are happy to work with you to identify the perfect engine or parts that you need. When you buy from us, you'll know that your recon engines have been painstakingly reconditioned, the new parts are all reliable and top-quality, and the mileage is accurate.

We're proud of our reputation for carrying the UK's largest collection of used and recon engines for cars and vans - and even prouder of our reputation for honesty, quick delivery and customer service. We look forward to working with you.

* Price shown is the lowest price quoted by third party suppliers between June 2013 & June 2014. The price shown may not be representative of the actual cost of the item, no reliance should be placed on the price quoted on this page as the quotes you may receive may differ considerably.