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Resolving Disputes

Sometimes problems can happen with your transactions, so communicating with the Supplier is an important part of resolving disputes. Many problems are the result of misunderstandings that can be worked out when the two parties talk to one another. The first thing we recommend is for you to contact the supplier to communicate with each other. However if you have already contacted or cannot get in touch with supplier or you are not satisfied with the outcome then you may file a dispute so we can try and assist you in resolving your dispute.

How we help

If you are not able to work things out with your supplier, we may help and assist you in resolving your dispute. You'll be able to open a case and track the steps that have been taken to help resolve the problem. We will try to assist where ever we can but we cannot guarantee the outcome of resulation as merely our role is to assist you. If suspicious activity is reported, our team will investigate the situation. If a supplier violates a policy, we will warn them that we may restrict or suspend that member's account. If the matter is serious, we will cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Although the vast majority of suppliers are reliable, we continue to provide safeguards so that you enjoy a safe trading environment. If something goes wrong, we're committed to working with both buyers and sellers to try to fix it.

You can report the following problems:

  • Faulty Part(s)
  • Damaged Part(s)
  • Part(s) not delivered
  • Part(s) not as described
  • Part(s) incorrect colour

I want to open a Dispute

Have you been in contact with the supplier?

You must get in touch with your supplier before opning a dispute. If you have not been in touch with the supplier and don't know details of your supplier, in this case we will be unable to assist you. To find your supplier detail please check your quote email for supplier telephone number.