You Might Buy Your Next Car from FACEBOOK!

Facebook is a name that is known all over the world, and that’s for a good reason. Initially, Facebook started out as simply a social network. You would be able to add people from all over the globe, interacting with their posts as you please. Family and friends were easy to keep in touch with, and it became like a really big (and extensive) phonebook of sorts. These days, Facebook is trying to look at the bigger picture – they’re not only focused on the social aspect of living, but the business portion as well.

“Facebook Business” is a new sort of initiative taking place, which is supposed to promote sturdy growth in regards to your specific market. In this case, We’d be looking at Facebook for Automotive businesses. Not only does it allow people to drive awareness towards their pages, but it also allows business owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to show their worth. Buying vehicles online isn’t new, it’s 2016 and that has become somewhat of a common standard – tons of used cars of purchased through e-mail on a daily basis (although, you always want to see the car beforehand when buying used). Generating leads for a company has never been easier on Facebook, which is exactly why you just might be buying your next car from there.

What Exactly Does “Facebook for Automotive” Accomplish?

Vehicle releases are not only going to be covered by media outlets now. You can choose to release an abundance of information to the public (through Facebook) if you see fit, allowing the addition of videos and such. This is the point in time where you would implement some sort of paid promotion, or even a commercial (or two!). Vehicle manufacturers can connect with their customers on a first-hand level, as well as build a sort of trust and kinship between themselves and the clients. Companies like Acura, Renault and Honda have all used this platform for a launch – Acura saw a 9% lift in their sales, while Paragon Honda had a coupon promotion going on (where people redeemed their oil service coupons at a rate of 49%, which costs 80% less to produce than direct-to-mail coupons).

As a business owner, you’ve got to keep an eye for the little things. Wherever there is an opportunity to improve upon something, you’ve got to take it upon yourself to do exactly that. Even if it’s a small jump in your sales margins, there is an abundance of positives to be had when you’re making use of Facebook for Automotive. The sheer number of tools you’ll have at your fingertips is well worth the time it takes to check FFA (Facebook for Automotive) out, as some of them would include stuff like:

  • Video Ads
  • TRP Buying
  • Custom Audiences
  • Carousel Ads
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Conversion Lift
  • Advertising on Instagram
  • And plenty more!

The Customers

It doesn’t just work out for the business owners, but it works out for the customers as well. Having easy access to all of the deals and such that could be headed your way is always nice, especially when it comes to something as expensive as a car (or car-related services). Purchasing a car online is definitely changing at its core, as now, you’ll be able to look at brand new releases without even leaving your house. You don’t need to deal with the car salesman trying to upsell stuff, or even the tedious process of going from dealership to dealership; hoping you’ll find the perfect fit sooner, rather than later.

When you have the opportunity to not only learn more about a specific model, but also a chance to purchase the car at a discount, it’s going to be a great experience. I think I speak for everybody when I talk about how important it is to understand the car you want to buy, and that means knowing the features inside and out. Buying a new car is a big deal, and needs to be treated as such!

All in All?

Buying a car is always going to seem innovative as time progresses. It’s 2016, which means there are a lot of technological advancements to be considered these days – if you’re interested in buying a car anytime soon, check out Facebook for Automotive! The more you can learn and know about a specific product before buying it (as the customer), the better.