5 Gadgets That Can Change Your Old Car Into a Smart Car!

Used cars aren’t always going to offer up the most technologically sound experience, but you can change that. There are plenty of accessories and additions you can make in order to keep your used car modernized. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of a makeover! We’re going to look at 5 different gadgets that can change your old (and most likely, used up) car into something much bigger and better – a vehicle fit to be on the road in 2016! Your vehicle can speak volumes in regards to your personality, but it’s also something that you spend a lot of time in. You’re constantly moving, out and about going through the daily routine – and your car is an integral part of that.

Being as such, it’s always a good idea to make yourself much more comfortable. Try and implement gadgets that will not only appeal to you, but maybe even to the passengers of your car (if you’ve got kids or a family in general to worry about). With all of that being said, let’s take a look at the gadgets!

Wi-Fi HotSpots – This is an item that allows your vehicle to have internet! That’s right, you’ll be able to set up your very own hot spot inside of the car; without any extra fees from your dealership. It makes use of the Bluetooth on your phones to connect (through 3G, or better), and allows for up to 6 wireless devices to be connected. This means that if you have kids who are in need of some entertainment, just boot that tablet up and connect it to the hotspot.

You’ll be able to surf the web, watch videos and listen to music as you please. A lot of modern models have wireless internet built in, but for older cars, this will do just fine.

Remote Start Systems (Smartphone) – A lot of recently released vehicles are going to implement remote start systems, which is essentially turning your vehicle on without the use of a key. This is really great for when those cold winter mornings come around, and you have to warm your car up before you get on the road. Remote starters are essentially inexpensive, and can fit on to just about any car you’d like. There are a lot of different brands to pick from out there, but one of the best ones I would have to suggest is “Viper”.

All you need to do is have the Viper SmartStart System installed on your vehicle, which is an easy process – although there is a monthly fee of around $3.89 to $8.49 per automobile. That’s a smile price to pay when you consider all of the positive a remote start system has to offer.

Lighting Kits (LED) – Lighting kits are something that some modern cars make use of, but not all. They look pretty sweet, and allow the driver to have a little more personality added to their automobile. You can pick a variety of colors, as well as exterior or interior lighting. Spicing up a car has never been easier!

Cameras (GoPro Camera) – Dash cams are a way to capture every single event that occurs while you’re driving. Some people have dash cams, whereas others are just going to purchase a GoPro Camera (or anything along the lines of that). As long as you can place it on your dashboard comfortably, without restricting your view in any way, it’s good to go. One thing to take not of is that the GoPro could also allow you to capture immaculate driving photos, or even just a video or two if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Satellite Radio – That’s right! Satellite radio is pretty much customary on most models these days, and it allows you to experience listening to music is a brand new light. The sheer selection of stations that you’ll be faced with is immense, and could take a few days to comb through (you know, to find your favorite!). Sirius offers up some pretty great satellite radio options, and the installation process isn’t even a tough one to go through. Not only that, but more access to music means a happier time while driving!